List of Current Puppet Shows

Food For Thought
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Safe Routes to Schools - A Breath of Fresh Air
Originally commissioned by the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Program, run by TRANSFORM (a county wide transportation and land use partnership), this puppet assembly follows the adventures of 3 children as they explore different ways to get to school for Walk and Bike to School Day. Along the way they encounter lyrical and wise characters that teach them valuable lessons about walking and biking, and how to make the journey to school a fun, safe and healthy experience. Presenting, Safe Routes To Schools, lessons through the medium of puppetry, rhyme, and song makes a lasting impression on audiences. This educational performance is designed for Kindergarten - 5th Grade school children. In the spring of 2008 we reached 8000 students, and will continue with 25 shows in 2009 and beyond. 
Granny Green's Garden Variety Show
Granny Green introduces the audience to a cast of characters on her puppet farm. Special guests include Johnny UniteUs with a song “We’re Farming”, featuring re-worked lyrics to Bob Marley’s “We’re Jammin’”. She plants a seed and has the audience help grow it into a beautiful hand puppet plant named “Dr. Cornelius”, bio-fuel. Other characters on the farm are Barbara reporter, and “Hempy”, who beatboxes and raps virtues of industrial hemp. Karma Miranda, a sings the praises of bicycle culture, makes ance on her bicycle with a helmet topped who sings a ditty about Bovine, a Mad Cow a song extolling the bicycling puppet who a special appear- with fruit. 
Dr. FeelFine's Cure-All Circus Sideshow
An old fashion snake oil salesman presents his rhyming spiel about a special
tonic to cure an addiction that society needs healing from. His “Wonder-Fuel” turns out to be recycled vegetable oil, and the bit ends with a short song about several renewable energy options to petroleum oil based transportation, including vegetable oil, bio-diesel, ethanol, and electric vehicles. The good doctor introduces the FREAK of the Side-show who turns out to be a GMO Corn-Dog, half puppy and half ear of corn. A tap dancing contortionist, a tightrope walker, and a strong woman also round out the cast of sideshow performers. 
The Political Puppet Party
The Political Puppet Party is a campaign for democracy and voter-rights education. The puppets of the nation wish to receive fair representation, and by letting their voices be heard, present their views through the formation of a new political party. This new organiza- tion, the Puppet Party, mounted their first national, unified cam- paign to elect a candidate to run in the 2008 Presidential election.“If there’s got to be a puppet in office, it might as well be a real one!” 
Deep Hug Chakra - The Goofy Green Guru
A little green elf “humanette” (human head with puppet body) emerges from inner Earth to share an ancient blessing of the four directions, first in his gibberish native tongue (culmi- nating in a short Beatbox groove) and then translated into a rhyming poem. This is followed by a Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth, a short group “meditation” where audience members imagine a more harmonious world and concludes with a song about the positive future of the Earth.