About PuppetPLEX

PuppetPLEX is a space that supports Bay Area artists who work in puppetry, props, costumes, masks, animation, video and musical theatre with a focus on
educational entertainment.

PuppetPLEX features papier mache, clay sculpting, silicone casting, carved foam, and recycled material repurposing to create giant puppets, shadow puppets, hand puppets, masks, marionettes, humanettes, and multi-media projects integrating video, dance, theatre and music.

The PuppetPLEX is a place to Write, Play, Create, Rehearse, Perform, Document, & Broadcast Conscious Content.

The PuppetPLEX is home base for:
Giant Puppets Save the World,
Teddy the Traveler
Big Tadoo Puppet Crew
5000 Puppets
The Bay Area Puppet Museum featuring puppets from
- Wise Fool 
- Art & REvolution 
- Monkey Thump 
- Up A Tree Puppetry

Currently we are expanding the puppetPLEX 
to create more space for the puppets, our workshop and rehearsal space and securing some new audio and visual equipment so we can produce video content, further developing our educational curriculums and creating more puppets, props & masks.